Basic budget terminology

Key Budget Terminologies

If you are a finance student, I am sure you might have faced the situation where you have been asked by your teacher or parents to watch Union budget and [more]


Budget – What’s in it for you?

At the beginning of each calendar year, we see that the major media coverage shifts to headlines stating “Budget Expectations”. Starting from a grocery shop owner to big corporate houses, [more]

Union Budget

Union Budget Demystified!!

“Budget”….Doesn’t this word seem quite familiar? Right! As a kid in our school days, when we used to allowance, we used to have a plan in our mind that how [more]


The Uninvited Guest – Inflation

We all had felt the pinch of that abrupt effect in our expenditure against our planned budget. It makes our plans haywire and leaves us in dismay. So did Mr. [more]