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Learn, How to Read Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet shows the financial position of a company at a particular point of time. For analysing a company, we should know how to read and analyse its balance sheet. [more]


Banking NPA- the Black Hole

Introduction Bank’s purpose is to provide loans to businesses. This creates credit in the economy. But, with credit comes the risk of credit default. Loans or advances provided by the [more]

Top 7 value investing books

Top 7 Value Investing Books

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin It is important for the investors and professionals to start investing early. The main reason for doing so is [more]

Impact of the media

Impact of the Media on Intraday Trading

The media are now acknowledged as significant influencers in financial markets. Impact of the media is not unknown to us. There are numerous traders who don’t understand fundamental or technical [more]

Does Outcome Determine Perception?

Have you ever wondered that maybe we all judge the process by its outcome? We praise Mark Zuckerberg for not selling his company, for succeeding in identifying Facebook’s future potential. [more]

Bharti Airtel Chart

Charts of the day – 30th Jan, 2018

Bharti Airtel near his support and rsi oversold. ( not a reco to buy/sell/ hold). BPCL near his support and positive crossover on MACD. ( not a reco to buy/sell/ hold). ICICI Bank coming out from his over bought zone RSI break 70 level downward. ( not a reco to buy/sell/ hold) Ambuja cement on previous swing low support. ( not a reco to buy/sell/ hold)