post trade analysis

Importance of Post Trade Analysis

We learn from our mistakes, we gain experience from our past actions and learn from their reactions. That is how we develop ourselves day by day. The same theory is [more]

how does power of compounding works

“कंपाउंडिंग की शक्ति” कैसे काम करती है?

Compounding (कम्पाउंडिंग) एक दिलचस्प और शक्तिशाली चीज़ है और जितनी कम उम्र में आप निवेश करेंगे उतना ही ज्यादा लाभ उठाने में सक्षम होंगे । यहाँ तक की दुनिया के महान [more]

5 business lessons from the Bahubali movie

5 Finance Lessons from Bahubali Movie

[ Spoiler alert: This blog discusses several scenes from the movie “Bahubali”. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, we recommend that you watch it first before reading this [more]

Auction process simplified

Auction Process Simplified

What is Auction Market? An auction is a mechanism where exchange auctions the investor’s stock holding when the person had sold the stock but is unable to deliver it within a [more]

10 habits of highly sf highly successful investors

10 Habits of Highly Successful Investors

Have you ever wished to become like your favorite investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger or Peter Lynch? Ever thought what is common among all great and successful investors. What [more]

Introduction To Bar Chart Reversal Pattern

বার চার্ট রিভার্সাল প্যাটার্নের সাথে পরিচয় (Introduction To Bar Chart Reversal Pattern)

ভূমিকা :- রিভার্সাল অর্থাৎ পরিবর্তন , আমি যেরকম আমার আগের ব্লগে উল্লেখ করেছি যে আহ্নিক গতির ওপর নির্ভর করে যেরকম পৃথিবীর দিন রাত্রি ঘটে থাকে এবং বার্ষিকগতি একটি বৎসরের গণনা [more]