Dollar: World's Reserve Currency

What is a World Reserve Currency?

World currency is money that can be used or traded for another currency anywhere, whether inside or outside the country that made it.

World War made everyone bleed except the United States! 

During the World War, when all the allied countries were removing their gold standard of currency, the US stood to the ground and sold arms to them in exchange of Gold. 

Bretton Wood Agreement 

In 1944, representatives from 44 Allied nations agreed that instead of tying currencies to gold, they would connect them to the U.S. dollar. 

Current Situation 

The U.S. dollar remains powerful despite recent challenges. It's the top choice for global reserves and international trade.  

De Dollarisation- Future of Dollars 

With countries like China moving extremely fast and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin becoming popular, the Dollar has started facing threat. 

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