What is India Vix? 

The term “Volatility Index India,” often known as “India VIX,” refers to a gauge of the Nifty 50 Index options’ anticipated volatility for the ensuing thirty days.

What is Market Volatility?

Market volatility reflects the risk and uncertainty. Low volatility means steadier market swings, while high volatility means faster and bigger price changes.


– VIX helps to determine whether market volatility is increasing or decreasing.   – VIX assist in analyzing the market sentiment – VIX helps to manage risk and potential losses. 

How to Interpret? 

High India VIX (Above 20-25): This signals high anxiety and uncertainty among investors, indicating expected major price swings soon. Moderate India VIX (15-20): Shows average volatility expectations, suggesting moderate market conditions. Low India VIX (below 15) reflects stability and high market confidence, with less anticipation of sudden events or sharp swings.

Relationship between India VIX and Market Sentiment 

The India VIX and market sentiment typically have an inverse relationship.  

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