Candlesticks Series: 5 Types of Bearish Candlestick Patterns

Appearing at the end of the uptrend Hammer candlestick pattern indicate weakness in the ongoing price movement and shows that the bulls have pushed the prices up but they are not able to push further.

Hanging Man

This candlestick pattern are made of two candlesticks, the first being a bullish candlestick and the second one is a bearish candlestick.

Dark Cloud Cover

This pattern triggers a reversal of the ongoing uptrend as sellers enter the market and make the prices fall.

 Bearish Engulfing

Evening Star patterns appear at the top of the uptrend and signals that the uptrend is going to reverse to a downtrendt and make the prices fall.

The Evening Star

Three Crows pattern is multiple candlestick patterns that is used for predicting reversal to the downtrend from the uptrend.

The Three Black Crows

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