8 Trading Strategies Using Animal Analogies

Jobbing & Scalping- Ants

Just like the Ants work in a systematic manner to get their food, similarly, the jobbing scalpers earn by taking small trades constantly.

Spread Trading-Rats

Just like the rats are clever in the sense that they know when to enter or exit a trade, similarly the spread traders should know how to time the market.

Swing Trading- Eagles 

Just like the Eagles Fly higher in the sky, swing traders make a profit when the market reaches higher- highs or lower lows.

Momentum Investing- Tigers

Just like the Tigers jump to prey, the momentum investors make huge profits by catching the momentum stocks.

Options Trading- Crows

Just like the crows are the clever birds, the options trader earns profits through their keen observation.

Quant Trading- Dolphins

Just like the 2-3 Dolphins move in sync, similarly, the quant traders earn by smooth and synchronized trading.

Multi-Asset Trading- Lions

Just like the Lions know everything about the jungle, the Multi-Asset Traders have knowledge of all the financial assets trading in the financial markets.

Investors- Elephants

Just like the elephants are powerful, similarly, the investors have the strength to create wealth from long-term investments.

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