The New T+0 Day Settlement Launched !

What is the T+0 settlement?

Currently, all the trades are settled by the next day(T+1) when placing the order. A beta version of same-day settlement has been launched in India. 25 stocks have been included for now.

This has been introduced alongside the T+1 cycle as a pilot project. Trading session for them is 9.15 to 1.30 pm 25 stocks have been included for now and only a few brokers have access. Vedanta, Hindalco and MRF are a few names.

History of the Trade Settlement Cycle- India

We used to work at a T+5-day settlement cycle. 2002- T+3 2003- T+2 2021-23 - T+1

Global Perspective  

Most counties still follow the T+2-day cycle. China- T+0 America- T+1 soon

Challenges and Benefits   

FII’s might face certain challenges in the form of currency risk. Investors' confidence might see initial challenges. Retail Investors will have more liquidity with their funds.