The Santa Claus Rally Will it jingle again?

Santa Claus Rally

A historical trend that was discovered in the US stock market, where there is an upward movement in the festive last week of December.


The Santa Claus rally, initially noted by Yale Hirsch in the 1972 -  Refers to the abnormal market surge during the Christmas season. December 2008- the S&P 500 experienced a 7.36% gain.

Reasons for this? 

Although no specific reason has been theorised for this- – Some investors buying ahead, expecting a January rally. – Some allocate Christmas or New Year bonuses to the stock market. – Investors in Christmas and New Year's cheer hope for positive market growth.

Do the Indian Markets also jingle? 

In those last few weeks of December, the Indian market has yielded positive returns in nine of the past 10 calendar  2.2% in 2020 1.7% in 2019.

Can India have some gifts this Year? 

Santa’s Sledge in India - “BJP Storming into power again” We are already seeing a start to the bull run just after the Poll results. According to Morgan Stanley, “there is a predicted 14% increase in the BSE Sensex by December 2024 "

We hope that Santa continues to accelerate its upside in Nifty this Christmas! 

Also, we have some  gifts for you !