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Indian E-commerce Market

The Indian e-commerce market is estimated to reach 200 billion USD by 2026 and USD 350 by 2030( E-commerce Industry Report 2022) One of the major factors that will boost this growth is the Quick Commerce Industry.

The Quick Commerce  

Quick commerce is a type of e-commerce where the emphasis is on quick deliveries typically in less than an hour Expected growth of this sector- From 0.3 billion to 5 billion USD by 2025. A report by MarkNtel expects Indian quick commerce to grow at a CAGR of around 67% during 2023-28. Contribution to the online grocery market is 10%

Purchasing style they Target on 

1. Stock up: This is a bulk purchase for long-term consumption. 2. Top-up: These are daily consumables, such as eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruits, among others.  3. Unplanned purchases: Emergency purchases and daily consumables. 

Factors helping their growth  

Increased use of Mobiles- As per the IAMAI and Kantar Research report, the number of Indian Internet users will touch 900 million by 2025 Relaxed FDI- The current FDI norms of the government allow 100% FDI via the automatic route in B2B e-commerce Favourable government policies-  ONDC, Digital Payments, Broadband penetration, Promotion and visibility  


What started as Grofers got acquired by Zomato to bring a drastic change. In Q3 last year, Blinkit's gross order value (GOV) grew 28% sequentially thanks to festive tailwinds. 90% of Blinkit's GOV originates from the top eight cities, highlighting significant acceptance


Founded by two Indian Youngsters, Zepto recently raised $235.4 million and the company was valued at $1.435 billion. In FY23, Zepto’s business increased 14 times to record operating revenue of Rs 2,024 crore, against Rs 142.4 crore in the previous fiscal. But losses have also shot up to Rs 1,272 crore

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