Top 5 Must-Read Technical Analysis Books

Getting Started in Technical Analysis 

This book gives a reader great foundation of Technical Analysis. This book is full of examples and clearly explains basic topics like trends, trading ranges, chart patterns etc.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Candlestick charting technique is an important tool to analyse any market. This book is a comprehensive guide on candlestick charting and can be used in any market in any time frame.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets 

This is a very comprehensive guide to the subject of Technical Analysis and has helped thousands of traders all across the world in their journey of trading. 

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

As the name suggests this book comprehensively covers chart patterns that provide distinct opportunities in the market. This book not only describes patterns but also give clear descriptions about preconditions and confirmation signals of each chart pattern.

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis

Price volume analysis is considered by the most important part of technical analysis by many. Volume, especially delivery volume with a significant price move reinforces confidence in the trend direction.

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