7 Must Known Before Investing In Sovereign Gold Bond Schemes 2023-2024 Series


When redeeming their investment, investors receive the market price. SGBs also provide a 2.5% yearly guaranteed return rate on the initial investment. 

No Default Risk

Due to the fact that it is backed by the government, there is no default risk. On behalf of the Central government, it is issued by the Reserve Bank of India.


SGBs are available to investors in Demat form. This implies that you do not always need to have a physical paper with you.


SGBs are tax-exempt. Physical gold, however, is an exception to this. GST is paid when you purchase actual gold.

Tradable On Exchanges

SGBs are exchange-tradable securities. Additionally, it can be given to any other qualified investor.

No Taxes On Capital Gains

SGBs have an eight-year maturity span. After five years, there is an additional exit option. When the investment matures (after 5 years), the capital gains tax is waived.

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