5 Money Management Lessons For Every Teenager


List all sources of income (allowance, part-time job) and categorize expenses (entertainment, snacks, outings). Use apps or tools to make it easy and interactive.

Measure your Goals

Set your goals at the very beginning and prioritise. Identify things you want to save for, like a new gadget, a trip with friends, or even college.

Understand that Needs and Wants are different

Before making a purchase, ask yourself if it's something you need or just want. For example, A smartphone might be a need, but the latest smartphone is a want.

Not all Income is to be spent

Allocate a percentage of your income to savings before spending on anything else. Even a small amount adds up over time. 

For a Debit, there is always a Credit

Before starting to use a credit card, understand the basics of credit, interest rates, and the impact of debt. If you have a credit card, use it responsibly and pay the full balance each month. 

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