10 Investing Books To Add To Your Reading List

This insightful book is about financial literacy at a younger age by being smart with money and investing in your skills to help you become rich.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This profound book unravels the myth that doing well with money is not as important as how you behave with your money.

The Psychology of Money

This insightful book reveals how ordinary people can start their investing journey to earn potential returns from investments.

One Up On Wall Street

This transformative book is based on three M's: Mind, Method and Money. It assists you in understanding Trading Tactics and Money Management.

Trading for a Living

This informative book is regarded as the "Trading Bible". It is not about how well you predict the market but how well you understand yourself while trading.

Trading in the Zone

This transformative book provides insight into investing and generating impressive returns with low volatility and transaction cost in the stock market.

Coffee Can Investing

This insightful book lays down the comprehensive framework of value investing as it shares various principles that help in understanding investment basics.

The Dhandho Investor

The Intelligent Investor

This comprehensive and insightful book is often regarded as the Bible of Value Investing since it emphasizes the relevance of determining value while investing.

This comprehensive book reveals how collective behavioral biases influence investment decisions, returns, and market fluctuations.

Value Investing 

This informative book offers you a perspective on identifying the companies that will be held forever and a checklist for quality stocks.

The Unusual Billionaires

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