Is Bangalore the Synonym of Startups?

Bengaluru’s Entrepreneurial Past:

The early 1980s marked the foundation of the startup culture in Bengaluru. Pioneers like Infosys and Wipro drove an IT revolution and entrepreneurship mindset.

The Dotcom Boom:

The late 1990s witnessed the dotcom boom in the entire world. Bengaluru spearheaded this tech revolution,  making itself a hub for innovation.

Rise of Incubators : 

Organisations such as  IIM Bangalore and Microsoft Accelerator have played crucial roles in fostering the growth of startups in their initial phases.

The Digital Startup Era  

The rise of Cheap Internet and Mobile phone accessibility enabled a plethora of new Tech and app-based startups currently having approx 20% of the entire Country.

Government’s Handshake 

Policies of Karnataka Gov and Center such as the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme, Venture Capital Assistance scheme, Tax incentives, funding opportunities, and ease of doing business have attracted more entrepreneurs to the city. 

The Networking Paradise   

Bangalore and Networking? What might seem like a coffee date could be a startup pitch going on. With the inflow of talent over time from all over the country, a blend of gender and culture is seen.

Current Investment Opportunity   

Many Big Venture Capitalists like Nexus and Axel are present. Companies like Zerodha and Cred are making the Silicon Valley tag more credible.

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