5 Mantras of Value Investing

The short-term traders often end up naming their loss-making trades as “Investments” because they lack the discipline to cut their losses. This is one of the very big mistakes which [more]

Twitter News India NSE

How To Use Twitter For Market News

In the current financial markets, fast paced news is an essential element of fast paced trading. Social media has started to play a vital role in the now generation of [more]

Learn from scratch about Indian Stock Markets

“The Stock Market runs on Three things: Optimism, Skepticism, Criticism.” – Jak Zoudi Everyone is talking about the stock market nowadays in India. Long-term investors, short-term traders and of course [more]

5 Reasons RBI Governor Will Not Give Any Further Rate Cuts

India’s central bank cut its main interest rate on Tuesday by a quarter of a percentage point. The reduction was not too big and not too small, but just right. Here are five things the governor said could weigh against further easing.